Corrals: Pipe corrals with a shelter, salt block, feed bin, automatic water

Corral Size (ask about availability)

Board Cost (Month)

24' X 24'

$325.00 + $25 Feed Premium*

48' X 48' $375 + $25 Feed Premium*

12' X 12' Stall with 20' X 24' Run

$375 + $25 Feed Premium*
* The price of feed has gone up recently; if price lowers, the Feed Premium will not be charged.


Boarding Cost Includes:

  • Feed: Alfalfa hay twice a day, fresh carrots once a day

  • Waste cleanup: Corrals are cleaned daily

Additional Cost:

  • Farrier: The Farrier visits monthly; cost is added to your board bill (Trim $40, Half Shoes $85, Full Shoes $95, Special Shoes - price determined by Farrier)

  • Worming: We do every 3 months, $15 is added to your board bill

  • Veterinarian: Our vet will visit the farm when necessary, cost is your responsibility

Extra Services Available:

  • Body Clip (full): $120

  • Trim (Bridle Path, Ears, Whiskers, Fetlocks): $25 per session

  • Administer Medicine, Blanketing, Turnouts, Grooming, Bathing, Bandaging: price determined between Owner and Handler


Laughing Stock Farm

Sky Valley, California 92241 | Telephone 760.408.3124