Laughing Stock Farm is a 12-acre horse farm located in Sky Valley, California. We've been in Sky Valley for 24 years, and have 45 years of equine experience. Laughing Stock Farm is not a "show" facility with incoming/outgoing horses -- most of the residents are here full-time, which helps us avoid transferrable equine diseases and sickness.

Laughing Stock Farm boards horses year-round and has plenty of space to ride. There are opportunities to learn new things and maybe meet a new friend! During the summer it's about 10-12 degrees cooler here than on the Valley floor!

Take a look at all the information here on our website, give us a call if you have questions or would like to visit and take a tour of Laughing Stock Farm!



Laughing Stock Farm

Sky Valley, California 92241 | Telephone 760.408.3124